Project Homelessness Connect: Volunteers Needed!

Jesus told us many times to honor the poor and marginalized of our society, to serve and set others before ourselves. He demonstrated it himself on the night before he was crucified, by washing the feet of the disciples who had been following him for the last several years. Footwashing has since become an important tradition within the church.

On Friday November 11, from 7 a.m. - 11 a.m., Agape Church will be running a footwashing station at "Project Homelessness Connect", an event that will bring together many organizations and service-providers for the homeless population as winter is coming on. We really need some more volunteers to work rotating shifts at the footwashing station. This is a really amazing way to honor the poor, and we're so excited to have been asked to do this. We especially need volunteers from 9 - 11 a.m., but any help you or people you know can give at any time during the event would be great!

If you aren't comfortable with footwashing, you can also help out by praying for people at the Agape table, or (if you are musically inclined) by being part of the acoustic band that will be serving the event by providing live music. Again, all volunteers will be greatly appreciated!

Please email if you are interested in helping out and able to commit to a certain part (or all) of the time frame, or if you have any questions about the event. More details about location and time assignments will be sent out to volunteers closer to the event. Thank you so much for considering this!