We've been going through a series on the fruit of life with Jesus... how a living God that dwells among us can transform our lives. This past week we read through the introductions of 10 out of Paul's 11 letters in the Bible to find the common denominator... a practice of thankfulness! Paul started every letter by introducing himself, blessing his readers, and then praising and thanking God before all else. As we then turned as a group to the story of Jesus healing the 10 lepers, we placed ourselves right in the story. Are we like the lepers begging Jesus to heal them-- do we need our lives to be transformed by God? Are we like the lepers who have been healed? Do we have reasons to praise God for something in our lives? Are we like the nine lepers who didn't return? Do we need to return to God and thank him for something?

It was amazing hearing the stories of blessing-- we had so many people wanting to chime in with praising God that we had to cut them off at the end! And being able to pray with our congregation about their families and struggles this week was an honor as well. Praise God!