This summer Agape church has focused its teachings on the importance of pursuing biblical wisdom for one's personal edification. This series has led us to define wisdom, discuss the ways in which one pursues wisdom, and how gained wisdom can transform our daily existence in New Haven and elsewhere. Though it is sometimes difficult to predict how an audience will engage with a specific sermon series, each Sunday has yielded many fruitful discussions. By presenting the obtainment of Christ's wisdom as our primary goal as believers, we have gotten to also thoroughly address the essential avenues leading to this destination. One week in the middle of a discussion there was a mild dispute regarding a few people's seating. The conflict was not resolved until one individual decided to get up and leave the service. The  next week during our discussion, we touched upon the idea of forgiveness. As we were defining forgiveness and its power to mend   and transform our relationships, a woman who had been a part of the conflict the previous week, interjected into the discussion and apologized sincerely for her frustration and anger displayed last Sunday. Everyone present at Agape willingly forgave her, and in that moment, the power of forgiveness became quite tangible. 
         We are all hungry for more strength to endure life's trials that so quickly ensnare our hope. We believe our strength is gained through greater dependence on Jesus. We know that Jesus is wise, because we know his father is beyond wise. In order to not only endure, but to live life to the fullest we choose to follow the way of Jesus to pursue wisdom, and to allow his wisdom to become a part of our daily interactions. We desire for this wisdom to empower us to apologize, forgive, and love selflessly.