Today at Agape we continued our series on the fruits of the spirit, this time focusing on gentleness (Prautes in Greek). We began by discussing conceptions of the idea of gentleness. Then we examined a couple scriptures from the Gospel to examine the biblical meaning of Prautes, and how Jesus exhibits this fruit. In the study we found connections between meekness and compassion, between an ability to bear with others in love and the ability to see through God's perspective. We realized that it is not out of a quashing of our true emotions but out of a release to the spirit of God that we will become gentle. We prayed for more patience to wait upon God (more space in our lives to allow God's spirit to work in us) and for God's compassion to live in us and bring us to see and act from God's perspective.

Our congregation is growing as a supportive family of believers each week! Please pray for the mutual love and bearing with each other to continue to grow!