Easter Joy!

Today @ Agape we studied the Spiritual fruit of Joy. We began by discussing our ideas of Joy and then delved into the Bible, specifically Hebrews 12 verses 1-3. Seeing that Jesus had Joy set before him on the cross we talked about how such a crazy form of Joy was possible for us. We wondered how security in God's plan and our mission as well as increasing union with God could allow us to live in Joy amidst suffering. We also saw how the hope of the resurrection was not just Jesus's hope but ours as well, and not just at the end of the world. We concluded by discussing this possibility of new life, of resurrection now!

Lord we ask that you help the whole Body of Christ to live into the resurrection of Jesus, to find the joy set before him set before us as we come into the promises God has made over us and are born into new life. Help us to find Joy in Christ even at the worst of moments, knowing that God is working always for our good.