The Big Heart of Jesus

This week at Agape we did a dramatic presentation of the Gospel of Mark, chapter 14, in which Jesus has his last supper with his disciples, and then is betrayed by Judas Iscariot into the hands of the rulers. In this chapter, Jesus is also anointed with perfume by an unnamed woman, and Peter denies Jesus three times in the courtyard next to Jesus' trial.
    Thanks to the whole cast of the dramatic reading! Everyone was great.
    Some of the interesting thoughts brought up in discussion were how worship comes before service, but that LOVE needs to be the basis for both, most of all. We also see how Jesus' love is still strong, compassionate, and welcoming, even when he knows that he is betrayed. By asking us to love like he does, we are called to love and forgive, even when we feel hurt or betrayed. But we know, in return, that for those times we have betrayed or denied God, there is forgiveness to be had, and he waits for us, with belovedness and open arms.
     Please be praying for our city and for the entire Agape congregation, particularly those who might need healing of body or heart, and for those who need shelter, community, freedom from addiction, and/or employment. Also, please be praying for our continued fundraising for a building.