Got Cup Ramen?

Need some snacks? Late nights at work? Studying for finals?

Buy cup ramen for $2 each! Get one, three, five, even a box. Get them for yourself or for your friends who might be hankering for a midnight snack.

United Church of Westville is organizing this great fundraiser for Agape Church for the Homeless. Thanks guys!

Order your ramen here! You have until December 17th!

Do you have a fundraising idea for Agape? Let us know @ agape.church.homeless at gmail.com!

All proceeds from this sale go towards Agape Church for the Homeless, an organization that seeks to love, serve, and empower the homeless and low-income community in New Haven. Agape is currently fundraising to build a DAY CENTER where men and women who have nowhere to call home are welcome to come in and rest, wash, have access to counseling and networking, and simply keep warm. All of the proceeds (as well as other donations) will go towards the Agape Center. Thank you for helping us create a lo
ving home for our homeless neighbors.